Visit Havasupai Falls & Supai Village Within The Grand Canyon

If you’re a hiking aficionado, boy do I have the place for you. You’ve been plenty of places I’m sure unless you’re just starting out. This trek isn’t for the beginner that isn’t physically fit. Of course, that’s not to scare you away. It’s meant to make this sound like an adventure you must embark upon, a journey fit for the hiking enthusiast who loves picturesque scenery.

Yes it’s part of the Grand Canyon, but it’s not part of the regular areas where people frequent for a quick stop and pictures. You have to take a miles long journey to get to Havasupai Falls, and its well worth the wait so many adventure goers before you. One reviewer mentions that you definitely want comfortable shoes, but of course you know that because you’re used to hiking long distances. Still, I mention this because the reviewer says that hiking boots wouldn’t necessarily be required.

The villagers are nice, and you’ll have tour guides (they also have this amazing havasupai lodge). If you’re wondering what I mean by the villagers, it’s the Havsupai people, the ones which the waterfall is named for. Evidently, you can put your belongings on a mule to have the mule carry your stuff according to the reviews, too. However, it would of course be much better not to do that and have your stuff on you, right? One reviewer gave the place a one star just because of the pack mules, even though he or she said the waterfalls were stunningly spectacular. Most of the people have given the place a five star rating though.

There are also other waterfalls you can visit if you have the time and can continue your tour and hike. It all depends on what type of adventure you want to have. After seeing sights like that, you’re going to want to ask the Havasupai people if you can just stay with them.