Spending time in and amongst a super relaxed and habituated group of Meerkats is jam packed with humor, energy and
great photo opportunities. Not just the fact that they are approachable, but the time of day we search for them couldn’t be
better as they slowly amble there way to their burrows as the perfect un – obscured light falls down on them.
Their tendency to fill up your CF card very quickly suggests that they have perhaps been photographed in every single
way and from every angle.
The joy of having them around and the constant exposure allows one to get creative and try things maybe just slightly differently. I have here posted 10 ways in which I found amusing and interesting.

1. The classic backlit sentinel shot

2. The sentinel shot in perfect light using a background tree stump to enhance his ‘tallness’

3. The absolute last spec of light and a moment before he went down

4. Harsh backlighting, a forging meerkat, no wind and slight underexposure can make for more artistic shots

5. A meerkat isn’t a meerkat without its tools.

6. On the topic of tools, trying to get a pic of the fast devourment of a hard earned snack can be challenging.

7. Grass can be annoying, but using it to your advantage can make for interesting compositions.

8. Panning shots are difficlut to achieve but with a bit of time and luck you can strike it, here I also tried the backlighting effect along with the motion blur.

9. Skittish Meerkats like this little chap allow litereally for a split second at a distance to grab the shot.

10. The light just after sunset creates amazing pink hues with the surrounding red sands and quartzite mountains.

Its not always accessible to have habituated groups around but when the opportunity arises to do so, don’t hesitate the slightest as they are truly fascinating little creatures to spend time with and photograph.