The first full 8 week long stint out in the Kalahari has been nothing short of magic. 5 Pangolins later and about 150 Aardvark, it has been an incredibly different experience. Out tomorrow on a 3 week overland trek into Namibia, so here are a few highlights from my past working cycle out here in the Kalahari.

Lion cubs jostling over a pangolin

Sneak peek

One of my favourites

Backlit sentinel lookout

In a hurry back to the burrows

A relaxed Aardwolf peering out of his burrow

A lucky quick shot of an Aardvark coming out in the open

A perfect Kalahari moment

Beautiful morning light

A Burchells sandgrouse getting a quick drink in the early morning

A classic midday moment at a Kalahari waterhole

A contrast of colours

A beautiful sunset over Christmas dune

Sunset through a Sheperds tree

One of my very first afternoons out here

A Roan antelope on the lookout

A male cheetah glancing over the plains below