Bushveld Rain Frog

bushveld rain frogThe bushveld rain frog (breviceps adspersus) , a  sub subterranean specie ( living underground), only ever emerge to mate and feed after rains.  Their short and stout limbs , typical of a burrowing frog or toad, make rain frogs easily identifiable from other species.  Amazingly these frogs cannot swin in the typical fashion as other frogs as they inflate into a ball and float instead of swimming. Mating is fairly unique too. The short limbs dont allow for the male to grip onto a female so she secretes a ‘sticky glue’ for the male to stick too. Their shovel shaped back feet allow them to dig burrows up to 20cm deep in which the eggs are deposited, and as they are land living frogs, eggs hatch directly into frogs and not tadpoles! Always a great find!

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